Phalaenopsis potting mix

by Cable Thompson
(Roseville, Minnesota)

I sometimes pot Phalaenopsis as follows:

I fill the bottom of a plastic pot with packing peanuts (the kind that isn't biodegradable), as drainage material. Then I put a couple inches of New Zealand sphagnum moss over the top and pot the plant in that, packing it in tightly enough that it doesn't wobble in the pot. (It helps to use moss that's already moist.)

This tends to keep the pot from becoming too "soggy" for plants in larger pots. It also gets more air to the roots, which definitely benefits one of the types of orchids more notorious for making aerial roots! It's necessary to water somewhat more often, though, like every few days.

If you try it out, let me know how it works for you in the comments section!

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