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by Laura

Hi, I have a few questions! I have this orchid which I 'inherited' from a family member who gave up on it as it flowered once and then she wasn't sure how to look after it! I don't know how to look after them either but I felt sorry for it!

Should I use fertilizer?(and which type and how often?) Will it only flower if fertilizer is used?

I'm not sure if it needs repotting in a bigger size of plastic pot? At the moment it's in a plastic pot which sits in a glass pot with a raised bit in the middle. I've attached a photo.

I'm very grateful for any advice that anyone can offer!

p.s Is a "sleeved orchid" a type of Phalaenopsis orchid?

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Aug 06, 2012
Cable's Reply
by: Cable Thompson

Hi Laura!

This plant is a Phalaenopsis, so I recommend looking at those care instructions.

The plant is getting a bit big for its pot, and the way it is tipping to the side also indicates that it's due for repotting. Get an orchid potting mix, and a slightly larger pot, and follow the instructions for repotting orchids.

I also suspect that the glass pot might not have holes in the bottom. Orchids do not like to sit in water, as the roots will smother and rot. The large number of aerial roots might indicate that the plant is looking for a healthier place to put its roots. So you might find a lot of dead roots to trim off when you repot.

Fertilizing orchids is fairly straightforward: you'll want a fertilizer formulated specifically for orchids, and it should be used frequently at a low concentration. (The standard advice is to fertilize "weakly, weekly"!)

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