Can you help me identify this orchid given as gift?

by Carolyn
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

The flowers are rather large (a good 4 1/2 inches across) and have a dark red throat that looks like it could hold water! From that point it fades into mottled red and white and the top part is white.

The woody part is the florist's artistic way of holding up the blooms. They are on stems about 6-8 inches high, a single bloom to each of the 2 stems.

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Mar 09, 2013
Cable's Reply
by: Cable Thompson

Hi Carolyn,

These are really fun to look at, aren't they? This is a complex Paphiopedilum hybrid, with very many species in its background. It's in the group of hybrids known as "bulldog" Paphs. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to pin the identification down much more precisely than that, because there are so many particular hybrids it could be. But it gives you enough information to grow it: give it fairly low light (maybe an East window), don't let it dry out too thoroughly between waterings, and it should grow and bloom well for you. Enjoy!

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