Color in white orchids

by Stormie
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have a couple of your orchids that say they were a white orchid but with "a little bit of magic" they are a different color. When they rebloom will they be white or do I need to learn the "magic"? Can you give me some advice about color in orchids

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Jun 15, 2012
Cable's Reply
by: Cable Thompson

Orchids are not naturally blue. These plants are dyed, and when they rebloom, they will be white. Still nice to look at, though!

Oct 21, 2015
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Since there are no less than 22,000 species as per Wikipedia, I would figure they come in most bloom hues. I have seen them pink, yellow, purple, white-and-red candy cane striped stalks coming up out of the woods floor outside my old lodge, of all shapes and sizes and a ton of them develop in the tropical downpour backwoods up on tree limbs.

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