growing phalaenopsis orchid outdoors

by June Feick
(Bradenton, Fl)

I have a hollow tree stump. Would my orchid grow and thrive if I planted it in the hollow stump?

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Oct 22, 2013
Cable's Reply NEW
by: Cable Thompson

Looking up your local climate, it looks like temperatures are reasonable; most Phalaenopsis would prefer it a little warmer, but the temperatures are fine.

It would want to typically be rained on just as it approaches dryness; I'm not sure how often it rains where you are, but you could maybe water it if there was a dry spell. Also, putting some moss or coconut fiber around the roots could help keep it from drying too quickly. (The roots would quickly find their way to spots they like.)

Phals will not appreciate direct sunlight; I assume this spot is shaded by the tree year-round? The plant will get sunburn if there's a time of day when it gets direct sunlight, except maybe early morning.

When putting the plant in the tree, try to tilt it sideways or even a bit downward; this will keep rainwater from collecting in its crown and causing rot.

If the spot you have in mind is too bright, you could try Encyclia tampensis, which is one of Florida's native orchids and likes brighter conditions than Phalaenopsis.

Jan 20, 2016
growing my phalaenopsis outdoors NEW
by: Louisa

I am living in Windhoek, Namibia where our temperature varies between 25 to 36 degrees during summer months and our winter months are pretty cold i.e -1 to 19 degrees. I would also like to plant my phalaenopsis outside on a branch, which is shaded 90% of the time. What should I do during the winter months? Can I cover it or should it be moved indoors?

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