How often do Orchids re-bloom?

by Suzanne
(Tualatin OR)

I have several orchids and it seems that they only re-bloom about once a year. Is this right? Or should I be doing something more to get them to re-bloom more often?

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Mar 18, 2014
Cable's Reply NEW
by: Cable Thompson

Yes, that's about right. Most types of orchids bloom once a year. Some (such as the Christmas Orchid Angraecum sesquipedale) are strongly seasonal, while others can bloom more often. For example some types will bloom whenever a new growth matures (e.g. Masdevallia), some have long-lasting flowers (for example, Dendrobium cuthbertsonii, whose flowers can last about 8 months each), and some will produce a sequence of flowers on each stem for an extended period (e.g., Phragmipedium, where several flowers will be produced over a period of 3-6 months, Paphiopedilum subgenus Cochlopetalum, where spikes can keep going for upwards of a year, and perhaps most notoriously Psychopsis, where each flower spike will bloom for a couple weeks at a time about once a month for a decade or more, with the plant adding a new spike each year). Many Phalaenopsis fall into the last group, though they tend to pause outside their peak blooming season and resume blooming on both the old spike and a new one the next year; blooming becomes more frequent as the plants get more mature.

Carefully choosing which orchids to grow can get you an ever-blooming collection with relatively few plants — perhaps a dozen or fewer.

So yes, the answer to your question is "about once a year" for most orchids, but there are exceptions that can bloom more often or continuously. Also, plants that are more mature spend more time in flower, as well as having more and bigger flowers when they bloom.

Aug 05, 2015
henry cooment NEW
by: Hoover

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