by Karen
(B.C Canada)

HI my orchid has 2stems with buds on and is starting a new leaf at the same time .Should I cut the flower stems to encourage healthier leaf growth . Thanks

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Oct 10, 2013
Cable's Reply NEW
by: Cable Thompson

Two spikes is not excessive. You're right that cutting back the flower spikes will help the plant grow bigger faster. Phalaenopsis usually only bloom once a year, though, so it's a choice: do you want to enjoy flower this year, or be patient to have a really really healthy plant in years to come

Another consideration: in some Phalaenopsis subsections (and hybrids with those plants as parents), the previous year's flower spikes can rebloom; some stems can actually keep going for several years in a row, until you have several flower spikes going at once. So if your plant tends to do that, it's a good idea to let it accumulate more flower spikes over time.

This reblooming is less common in the winter-blooming varieties (commonly with Phal. amabilis and its relatives in the plant's ancestry) — these are the big round white and purple (and occasionally yellow) varieties. Reblooming is much more common in the smaller "novelty" types, where the ancestry includes plants like Phal. cornu-cervi, Phal. gigantea, and Phal. violacea; these tend to be primarily summer bloomers, with flowering tringgered by day length rather than temperature.

Jun 10, 2015
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