too many orchids resemble this one

closeup of the flower

closeup of the flower

closeup of the flower

I bought this one in a generic shop and it was tagged phalaenopsis if I remember it right... well, I'm not sure about this.

It's a lot prolific, I had to cut the roots and split it in two because it was starting to grow everywhere. It flowers every year in winter even though I don't give it many cares.

I searched a bit and I've seen some miltonia (clowesii maybe?) that vaguely resemble it, and some hybrids, but nothing that made me say "that's it". I could use a little help here, because I would like to start breeding and it would be nice to know which orchids I'm breeding. :)

Thanks in advance!

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Jan 15, 2013
Cable's Reply
by: Cable Thompson

Yes, this plant is a Miltonia or close relative. It is most likely a hybrid, involving Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, and/or Oncidium.

Your guess about Miltonia clowesii is close; it probably is one of the main parents of this hybrid. I don't think your plant is a pure Milt. clowesii because the lip is a bit wider and flatter than I usually see, though I could be wrong about that. Try looking up scientific articles describing the species (for example, you might be able to find a copy of Lindley's original 1839 publication), and see if all the details match.

I'm glad it's been growing well for you, and I hope you have fun with your orchid breeding endeavors!

Jan 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Wow thanks Cable! That info was very useful! I did a little more research on google images and now I've found the keywords to find pictures that look _exactly_ like my orchid here! "Bakerara samurai", that's it! Now I have only to find the scientific name for this cross. :P It's some Oncidium x Miltonia x Odontoglossum x Brassia if I understand it right...

I'm having a lot of fun with pollinating and watching flowers closely everyday to see a sign of success... I'm sure it will be a great experience! :D

Thanks again for your kind help. :)

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